OxSyBio hosts Tomorrow’s World

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OxSyBio scientists with Maggie Philbin during the tour of the lab for BBC’s Tomorrow’s World.

23 November, 2018

OxSyBio was featured on a one-off live show of Tomorrow’s World which aired at 9pm on BBC Four on Thursday 22 November. 

When the production team first expressed an interest in featuring 3D printing for medical diagnostics, we jumped at the chance to get on board. It was an honour to give Maggie Philbin OBE and the crew a tour of OxSybio’s biofabrication laboratory on the Harwell Campus in Oxford.

The feature was introduced as part of a long-standing tradition of “breaking new medical stories” on Tomorrow’s World.

Sam Olof, Chief Technology Officer, was able to explain OxSybio’s vision for supporting medical diagnostics and treatment for long-standing chronic and critical illnesses:

“You’re in a hospital environment for, say, cancer and a tiny bit of your tissue gets put into your machines. We make hundreds of replicates and we can tailor the treatments.  Essentially, we take all the cutting-edge therapies and peronsalise to an individual.”

This could mean you don’t have to be given chemotherapy because it’s the first mode of treatment. You would be given it because your body responds.”

Maggie Philbin concluded by saying: “The future of this technology is potentially very, very exciting.”

You can view the whole programme by following this link (the feature on OxSyBio is at 22 minutes).

Tomorrow’s World is such an iconic British programme. For many of our senior scientists – now pursuing careers at the forefront of British biotechnology – it was their first exposure to science on mainstream TV. Thinking back to when they watched the show growing up, our team recall some of their favourite memories: