OxSyBio platform now able to 3D print cells into tissues

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A brand new way to 3D printing of live cells to produce living tissues with very high resolution, viability and cell density.

See www.ox.ac.uk/news/2017-08-15-new-method-3d-printing-living-tissues for more detail on the team and their accomplishments

Alexander D. Graham, Sam N. Olof, Madeline J. Burke, James P. K. Armstrong, Ellina A. Mikhailova, James G. Nicholson, Stuart J. Box, Francis G. Szele, Adam W. Perriman & Hagan Bayley, High-resolution patterned cell networks by 3D droplet printing. Sci. Rep. , 7, 7004, (2017). DOI:10.1039/c7mb00192d